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Have you started your journey yet? This site is all about that hero's journey and furthering and spreading 'The Great Work' - the esoteric information about Natural Law.

Following the burst of energy on the Constitutional Law material mainly found on www.commonlawconstitution.org, I decided I'd begin to focus on the more important foundational material that deals with our journey into greater consciousness - becoming aware of our unconscious behaviour: internal contradictions, triggers, programming and deep trauma.

This site is all about the magic link that sits between the understanding of our sovereign authority as people of a nation through a Common Law Constitution and Jury Independence - and that of moral principle and the exercising of our conscience.

It brings together Anarchy and Voluntarism with Nationhood.

'Conscire' - to be aware

'Conscire' - with knowledge - Conscious - Scire - Science

Consciousness - Objective knowledge of self and the Universe

Enjoy the journey


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