About LawAndAlchemy.org

LawAndAlchemy.org was set-up by me, William Keyte, a former teacher, musician, composer and software programmer. I taught in schools for about fifteen years and then went into business designing database systems for educational institutions. I now dedicate most of my time to the big questions of Law, Justice, Self-governance, Human Psyche and Consciousness.

The purpose of Law and Alchemy is to make sense and bring understanding to the bigger questions of…

  • Freedom and Justice
  • Natural Law
  • Esoteric sciences
  • Consciousness

Often, when these things are written about, they come across as inaccessible and incomprehensible! My aim is to break some of this deeper material down into accessible pieces and to re-express it as simply as possible so as to bring about a greater understanding and allow people to move forward confidently in their learning. I also address some of the traps that lead people into attracting negative consequences by adopting contradictory and conflicted ideologies and principles.

Many realise that we are experiencing a great deal of pain as our society appears to be becoming ever tighter and more controlling. Many feel that the people ‘in charge’ seem to be performing actions and taking decisions that seem increasingly wayward and without conscience resulting in a loss of liberty and destructive outcomes to society at large.

The Real Cause of Society's Problems

What I have come to realise over time, is that this state of affairs has come about through self-destructive patterns both individually and collectively. But many people will want to cling to the idea that this is largely a problem of conniving, power-hungry and arrogant people taking control of our society incrementally over time, in such a way that the larger portion of the population don’t notice. People who have this program running in their minds, understandably believe that, by the time large enough numbers do notice, it will be too late and that our enslavement will be complete. Those that think this aren’t wrong in many ways: conspiracy does indeed exist, but the story is more complex. The idea that this is merely a war that we have to win against the ‘enemies of humanity’ is too simplistic. I believe that people who perceive it like this are missing a very large chunk of the picture and have dropped into a ‘victim-perpetrator’ or ‘them and us’ mentality and are not considering more deeply the true dynamics at play.

Our reality operates like a complex system based on cause and effect and that, to a far greater extent than most people would like to admit, we (the larger population) are actively engaging in our own take-down and destruction by exhibiting actions that we don’t even notice within ourselves, behaviours about which we are often completely unaware. This means that a ‘correction’ to this problem, is much more in our own hands than we might at first think. If we were to begin a more self-reflective phase and explore the darker aspects of ourselves, I believe not only would many of the problems we perceive in our community begin to vanish, but we would see huge beneficial effects within our own personal lives.

The Way Forward

Far from being a nightmare as many believe, this is an extremely positive message as, ultimately, we have the ability to change the conditions in our community and society faster than we might think. Corruption, disharmony and chaos would whither away if we were to alter our own psyche, as those conditions cannot exist where there is a prevalence of authenticity and integrity.

This website (and platform more generally) is dealing with these bigger questions - specifically…

  • How is it that we have arrived in this situation?
  • What are these self-destructive patterns that we are driving?
  • What is Natural Law really?
  • How can we begin to reverse this downward spiral?
  • How can we bring about true healing in society?
  • Can we reverse the effects of evil, corruption and chaos in our society?

Our already-existing Common Law Constitution - when its concealed aspects are understood properly, supports this principle of operating in alignment with the universe. The self-governance that it promotes through the hidden concept of Jury Independence is more than a clue to its foundation in Natural Justice. Therefore re-adopting and restoring our Constitution in its full form would assist us in correcting our course. You can read about how our Common Law Constitution is the template for this at www.CommonLawConstitution.org which also falls under this platform.

The LawAndAlchemy Platform

LawAndAlchemy.org is a platform that attempts to explore these deeper, more reflective subject areas, create greater understanding and help signpost people to the next layers of exploration. I think you will be surprised at where this might take us!

This platform (which includes the sister website www.CommonLawConstitution.org) offers valuable information, both free and with subscription, in the following forms:

  • Short reading material (blog posts)
  • Longer reading material in the form of essays/articles
  • Links to other valuable sites that appear to be concerned with the same goals and information
  • Thoughts in video form
  • Longer discussions and interviews
  • Online courses
  • Online Q and A sessions
  • Private Home-education sessions

I hope you enjoy the journey of discovery and begin to realise that all is not lost by any means - we could create the most breathtakingly wonderful future for ourselves if we cared enough. The Creator wishes that for us, but, like a responsible parent, that creator requires us to do the work and learn to develop and use the abilities we have been given.

We don’t get to move to the top-table of enlightenment
until we can prove we are responsible and trustworthy enough to do so.